Terrik (LE) Life, Death
Terrik is the Human god of Death and Life. He is believed to physically reside in the depths of the pit Terril’s capitol is built over. When members of Terrik’s clergy die, their bodies are dropped into the pit so they may serve him in eternal Undeath. Worshipers of Terrik understand that death is simply a transition, as is birth. Terrik counts Necromancers among his followers.
Terrik is associated with Devils.

Dynus (LE) Knowledge, Trickery
Dynus is the Human god of Knowledge and Magic. He is officially the head of state of Dynaria, and his followers believe he physically resides in the enormous palace at the heart of the capitol. Followers of Dynus include Clerics, Warlocks, and Wizards.
Dynus is associated with Devils.

Greffis (LE) War, Tempest
Greffis is the Human god of War. His eternal rage fuels the Crucible, the great forge at the heart of Greff. Greff favors victory over valor, and slaughter over surrender. He counts warriors of all kinds as his followers.
Greffis is associated with Devils.

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